Counterfeit crackdown helps homeless

Counterfeit phone cover, black with London 2012 Olympic branding.

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of fake clothes, films and mobile telephone accessories seized by the council have been donated to charity.

Heaps of counterfeit items including fake designer clothing and DVDs have been confiscated over the last two years by Trading Standards officers in at least 30 raids on shops across the borough.

Also among the haul were around 7,500 fake mobile phone covers worth about £37,500 in a targeted crackdown by the council. The single biggest seizure saw more than 2,000 seized at one former Clarence Street shop.

Instead of being destroyed all the counterfeit goods have been handed to the His Church charity which helps homeless and vulnerable people.

Counterfeit phone cover, pink with Apple iPod branding.

The counterfeit goods were handed to charity

The fake DVDs and plastic phone covers will be recycled to raise money for the charity, and the false branding removed from clothes and other items before being distributed to needy people.

“It’s great to see so much illegal merchandise taken off the streets and going to help people in need instead of making money for rogue traders. 

“Fake goods are often linked to organised crime and swindle honest traders as well as consumers.”

Councillor Liz Green, Kingston Council leader

“We'd like to thank Kingston Trading Standards for their excellent work in seizing these counterfeit items. Our partnership means their hard work not only removes the criminals’ benefit but gives vital help to the most vulnerable people in the community.”

Richard Humphrey, Senior Coordinator at His Church