Tower blocks and fire safety

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has issued the following reassurance and fire safety advice

The news from North Kensington concerning the Grenfell Tower fire is tragic and undoubtedly unsettling for our residents who live in tower blocks.

We manage four tower blocks (all 16 stories), which are situated on the Cambridge Road Estate. These are checked annually and all other council owned properties are checked every one, two or three years. Read the letter sent to Cambridge Road Estate residents following this incident. 

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has issued the following reassurance and general fire safety advice:

  • If you live in a high rise property you are not at more risk of a fire starting, and living in a flat is not more dangerous than living in a house.
  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm.
  • There are reasonable precautions you can take to help prevent a fire in the home.
  • Know your escape plan and what to do if there is a fire inside your home or somewhere else in the building.

Further information is available on the LFB website, specifically for people who live in purpose built flats and maisonettes.

How you can help the Grenfell Tower appeal


If you would like to volunteer to help with the support effort being co-ordinated by Kensington and Chelsea Council please register your interest by emailing [email protected] including your name, contact number and availability.


The British Red Cross charity has been asked by Kensington and Chelsea Council to help co-ordinate fundraising in an appeal to support the residents and neighbours of the Grenfell Tower fire. By donating to their London Fire Relief Fund, you can help those who have been left bereaved, injured, or homeless by this tragedy.

The Charity Commission has issued advice for anyone donating to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire to ensure that their donations go to legitimate charities.