Four more Go Cycle developments get the go ahead

Kingston Council has approved the development of four more Go Cycle developments to improve walking and cycling facilities, road safety and public spaces across the borough.

The council is one of three local authorities to secure funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London to benefit all road users by providing substantial improvements to streets and better facilities for pedestrians.

The £30 million Go Cycle programme includes 10 new linked development schemes. One project, Portsmouth Road, is under construction. Over the summer, the council put four more schemes to public consultation and last night the Resident’s Committee approved the detailed design and construction.

Councillor Terry Paton, Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for the Go Cycle programme, said: 

“Nearly 2,000 residents took part in the summer public consultation and their feedback has helped us to shape the final proposals for these developments. Go Cycle is about keeping Kingston moving and improving connectivity across the borough. With some 50,000 additional people moving about the borough by 2050, we need to look at ways of relieving the pressure of a growing population on the borough’s transport network.

“We want to encourage more people to cycle and walk by providing better and safer cycle links, footways and crossings throughout the borough. Go Cycle will bring benefits to all residents in the borough, improving public spaces for everyone's enjoyment. Moving around the borough will be easier thanks to better infrastructure and access by foot and bike to community facilities, workplaces, shops, schools, attractions and open spaces in key locations will be improved.”

The four projects that have been approved for development are: 

  • Kingston Station area: developing an attractive new public space outside Kingston train station with improved access and crossings, a significantly enhanced arrival experience to Kingston and new cycling hubs
  • Wheatfield Way: improving the Kingston town centre ring road to make it a safer and more attractive gateway to Kingston
  • Surbiton to Kingston: improving key cycling links in Surbiton 
  • Fountain Roundabout, New Malden: transforming the roundabout into a cross-roads junction.

The majority of consultation feedback supported the proposals for Kingston Station area, Wheatfield Way Area and Fountain Roundabout. On the Surbiton to Kingston project, the majority of consultation responses supported proposals for Palace Road and Avenue Elmers. 

The majority of consultation responses were opposed to the proposals for Claremont Road and St Mark’s Hill and the scheme has been significantly amended to address the main concerns.

The council expects to take the next three developments to public consultation in the autumn.

The Go Cycle programme started in 2014. We aim to have all the improvements complete and open for use by the end of 2018. 

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Public consultation was undertaken on four Go Cycle projects between 20 June and 18 July 2016.  
Consultation leaflets were delivered to residents and businesses within the immediate vicinity of each project. In total 9,341 leaflets were sent across the four projects.  An additional 12,633 information letters were sent to a wider number of residents within each area directing them to the online consultation.  The results of the individual elements of the scheme are as follows:

  • Kingston Station area: 278 people shared their views with us. The results of the public consultation showed 84% of respondents were in favour of the overall proposal and 9% were opposed. Wheatfield Way Area: 199 people shared their views with us. The results of the public consultation showed 77% in support and 16% opposed.
  • Fountain Roundabout: 987 people shared their views with us. Of these, 48% of respondents supported the proposals, while 46% were opposed.
  • Surbiton to Kingston: 492 people shared their views with us. The majority of respondents supported the proposals for Avenue Elmers and Palace Road, but opposed the proposals for Claremont Road and St. Mark’s Hill: 
    • Palace Road improvements: 46% favoured them and 32% were opposed
    • Avenue Elmers improvements: 46% favoured them and 28% were opposed
    • St Mark’s Hill improvements: 40% favoured them and 46% were opposed
    • Claremont Road improvements: 35% favoured them and 58% were opposed  
    • The two other local authorities to receive funding from the Mayor of London and Transport for London are Enfield and Waltham Forest.