Local people urged to shape the future of Kingston Council

Kingston Council wants to work with local people to decide how the council will be run to meet the future needs of the borough.

The council believes that as Kingston changes, so should it - and this may mean that the organisation will look and act differently in the years to come.

What has been called “the Future Council”  will be discussed by residents and councillors at this year’s State of the Borough debate on Thursday 15 September.

The debate is part of a series of conversations the Leader, Cllr Kevin Davis, has started with the local community on how Kingston can meet the challenges of a growing population, the need for more economic success and the reduction in the money available to fund public services.

Residents can take part in the debate during the run up to the event by following #RBKFutureCouncil on Twitter and Facebook. The council’s Twitter account - @RBKingston - will be running a series of polls asking for the community’s thoughts on how the council should play a role in their lives now and in the future. 

Simply follow @RBKingston #RBKFutureCouncil to take part in the polls which will be live from today (25 August). 

Councillor Kevin Davis, Leader of Kingston Council said:

“The way that people lead their lives and the kind of support and services they will need in the future is changing fast, and we need to be deciding now on the future public services people will want and need.

“While this is not just a money issue, there is no doubt that the reductions in public money available to councils will continue and it is our duty to talk honestly with residents about what this means and how we will have to work together in different ways to deliver what our communities need.

“As a body elected by local people we should continue to lead and shape our borough, but this may no longer mean delivering many of our services in the traditional way.  

“But if this is about improving people’s lives and prospects, it is vital that local people not just have a say but are actively involved in deciding on the council of the future - and that is why I want to hold this debate and continue my series of conversations around the area.

The debate begins at 7.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber at Kingston’s Guildhall, but people can take part in the debate now by simply following @RBKingston  #RBKFutureCouncil.