Kingston Council approves first ‘Local Area of Special Character’ for 14 years

Kingston Council has approved the borough’s first new Local Area of Special Character in over a decade.

In a move to preserve and enhance historic local buildings in the North Kingston area, Princes Road, Borough Road, Arthur Road and part of Park Road were given the special designation by the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee. 

The buildings, which are predominantly of late Victorian residential character, have been identified by independent heritage consultants as being of significant local value. 

Councillor Hugh Scantlebury, Chair of the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee, said: 

“Much like the rest of the London, Kingston is growing. We need to manage this growth and ensure that it’s right for our borough. Part of this is making sure that we preserve our heritage, including buildings which are distinctly ‘Kingston’, contributing to the overall feel of the borough.

“This is the first designation since 2001, and follows the recent adoption of a new Local Area of Special Character policy. Consideration is given to distinct areas which, due to their architectural, environmental or historic qualities, are worthy of special protection but wouldn’t meet stringent Conservation Area criteria.

“We are proud of our historic borough, it’s one of the many reasons why people choose to work, live and study in Kingston. It’s our duty to protect what makes our borough special and this is one way that we’re doing just that.”

The designation of Princes Road, Borough Road, Arthur Road and part of Park Road as an Area of Special Character was approved at Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee on Thursday 1 October. 

For more information, see the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee paper.