Kingston dog foul fines start on 8 July

Inconsiderate dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets will face an on-the-spot £100 fine from Wednesday 8 July.

The fines, which are a move to reduce the amount of dog foul on the pavement and in open spaces, will be issued as part of a council pilot also fining litterers until December.

Environmental enforcement officers will be patrolling streets, parks, open spaces and housing estates in North Kingston, Kingston Town Centre and Surbiton areas issuing fines to wrong-doers. 

Both the dog fouling and littering fines can be reduced in price if paid within 10 days. 

David Cunningham, Lead Member for Environment and Transport at Kingston Council, said:
“We know that most pet owners are responsible, however the few who knowingly let their dog foul without cleaning it up, ruin the day for those using the same pavement.

“The Council spends £2 million a year to clean up litter and dog foul in Kingston, and it is hoped that these fines can bring about a reduction in this problem by encouraging residents and visitors to do the right thing.

“Over 90 per cent of respondents to the All in One borough survey told us that street cleaning is important to them, so I urge people to do their bit to keep Kingston clean and tidy.”

If the pilot scheme is successful, it will be rolled out to other areas of the borough in 2016.

The decision to issue of fines for dog fouling was taken at Policy and Finance Committee on Thursday 2 July. 

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