Kingston Museum's Robin Hood Festival is back, bigger and better!

What was medieval Kingston really like? Who were the people that crowded around to listen to stories of Robin Hood and his band of noble thieves?

At Kingston Museum’s Robin Hood Festival, you can find out for yourself.

For one day only, on Bank Holiday Monday, 25 May, between 12pm and 6pm, Kingston Museum invites you to take a trip back into the town’s medieval past to revel in the exuberant and fantastic legend of Robin Hood, just as our ancestors have done for over 500 years.

Step back in time as Kingston’s ancient Fairfield is taken over by medieval longbow men and ladies, knights and peasants, minstrels, monks and jesters, in a pageant of festivities and fun for the whole family.

Kingston Museum’s Robin Hood Festival is a free, family friendly community event, with activities to keep everyone awed and amused, from have-a-go archery and re-enactment displays to Morris Dancing and storytelling for the little ones.

Learn how the Royal Borough became linked with the legendary outlaw of Sherwood Forest and discover for yourself what life was really like for a medieval hero.

For more information, see Kingston Museum’s Facebook page or call the museum on 020 8547 5006.