Allowing dog fouling or dropping litter? You face a fine

People who allow their dogs to foul and do not clear up after them, as well as people who drop litter and cigarette butts, face hefty on-the-spot fines the Council announced today.

There is a newer article about this topic which contains updated information, please see 'Kingston cracks down on litter and dog fouling' (June 2015).

A pilot scheme will initially operate in a designated area in the borough, covering North Kingston, Kingston town centre and Surbiton and includes parks, open spaces and housing estates. The fixed penalty notices will be £100 for litter and cigarettes and £80 for dog fouling.

The Royal Borough of Kingston has awarded the contract to NSL Ltd to carry out the environmental enforcement pilot in the borough.

A spokesperson for the Council said,

“Clearing up after littering and dog fouling costs the Council £2 million a year. Not only is it unsightly and in the case of dog fouling actually dangerous, it shows a complete disregard for the environment and residents.

“The Council is committed to maintaining the cleanliness of the borough. This commitment is included in the Council's new medium term plan and Policy Programme (2015-2019), which states that the Council will examine options for environmental fines for littering and dog fouling.”

The pilot will run for six months from June to December 2015. Members will consider the outcome of the pilot early next year. Appropriate communication and awareness raising will take place in the areas affected before the pilot commences in June.

If the pilot is successful, it will be rolled out to other areas in the borough in 2016.