Revised plans for Portsmouth Road mini-Holland launched today

Portsmouth Road mini-Holland revised

A set of revised plans to improve Portsmouth Road were published today, following an extensive public consultation.

The new plans, which are part of our mini-Holland programme, now include a 600 metre fully segregated two-way cycle lane running from Portsmouth Road’s junction with South Lane south to its junction with Palace Road. From Palace Road, south to junction with Brighton Road the plans now show 700 metres of cycle route segregated using the new type of divider called an ‘armadillo’ which will offer additional protection for cyclists from motor vehicles in both directions.

A new toucan crossing, for pedestrians and cyclists, at the Palace Road junction will be put in place to allow a safe change between the fully segregated section and armadillo sections of the route.

To ensure buses can still use the route effectively, the revised scheme includes ‘floating bus stops’ which provide a safe space for bus passengers to wait for buses. This will allow cyclists to ride around a bus stop instead of waiting behind stationery vehicles while the bus picks up and drops off passengers.

Councillor Richard Hudson, Chair of Infrastructure, Projects and Contracts Committee, and Lead Member for Capital, Projects and Contracts including the Council’s mini-Holland Programme, said:

“Over 700 people took part in the consultation on our first set of plans and we thank all of those who took the time to consider our original proposals and get involved. I believe that this second proposal shows we’ve listened.

“There was a clear desire for more segregation between cyclists and motor vehicles and the new plans have increased this segregation from 20 per cent originally, to 85 per cent now.

“We have a vision where cyclists, new and experienced, will feel safe and confident taking trips along Portsmouth Road, whether it be for work, study or pleasure. We want to create a route that is fully accessible and attractive to pedestrians and where motor traffic can continue to move freely.”

Portsmouth Road mini-Holland revised with armadillos


More details about the revised scheme for Portsmouth Road are available on the mini-Holland pages.

There is also a presentation board in the reception area of Guildhall 2, High Street, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU. The presentation board will be on display from Monday 23 March until Friday 10 April during normal office hours.

The Portsmouth Road Improvements consultation report has also been published.