Statement on road infrastructure in the capital

Statement regarding the Mayor of London’s plans for changes to road infrastructure in the capital.

Responding to the Mayor of London’s plan to build tunnels at five sites across London to release land for regeneration and growth, Kevin Davis, Leader of Kingston Council said,

“I am all for the idea of roads going underground where the cost of the tunnelling can be justified by releasing land above so that can be developed in other ways.

“The key issue here is what can be done with the land gained and how it can contribute to the cost of tunnelling? The answers depend on what and where the land is.

“However, given we are facing a 36 per cent increase in population by 2050 there could well be a growth dividend from this type of ambitious opportunity.

"There are three places in Kingston where I think an opportunity like this could be explored, Kingston town centre, replacing the current relief road, Tolworth, under the Broadway to the A3 and at Hook on the A243 to Malden Rushett."