Kingston Hill Children's Centre Consultation

We are planning to make some changes to the services we offer at the Kingston Hill Children’s Centre. The changes will be made in a way that keeps to a minimum any disruption they may cause.

Changes to Kingston Hill Children’s Centre

We are planning to make some changes to the services we offer at the Kingston Hill Children’s Centre. The changes will be made in a way that keeps to a minimum any disruption they may cause parents or children.

Some of the activities currently offered at the Kingston Hill Children’s Centre will continue but at a different Children’s Centre, depending on your views and preferences on this.

The purpose of Children’s Centres

We have a duty to ensure that we have sufficient children’s centres across the borough and that they deliver their main purpose which is to improve the lives of young children and their families and to make sure that:
  • children have an equal chance to grow, develop, be healthy and ready for school
  • families are supported in their ambitions and parenting skills

Moving some of the activities at Kingston Hill to other centres

We are planning to move some of the activities that currently take place at Kingston Hill Children’s Centre to one of three neighbouring Children’s Centres where possible, depending on people’s preferences.

These Centres are:

  • Kingston Town Children’s Centre, Villiers Road Kingston KT1 3AR
  • North Kingston Children’s Centre, Latchmere School, Latchmere Road, Kingston KT2 5TT
  • Norbiton Children’s Centre, King's Oak Primary School Dickerage Lane, New Malden KT3 3RZ

The activity for parents with disabled children will continue to be run by Alexandra Infant School at the school and will not be affected by these planned changes.

Changes are necessary to make cost savings and provide extra early education places

There are two main reasons why we need to make this change.

Firstly, this change will enable us to use the Kingston Hill Children’s Centre building to meet our legal duty to provide 32 new early education places for two year olds from September 2014. This will help towards the extra 95 early education places places needed in the North Kingston area. The other 63 places will be created in the private and voluntary sector.

We are confident that we will be able to offer the majority of the activities in one or other of our neighbouring Children’s Centres or through our outreach service based to families living on the Kingsnympton estate.

Secondly, we need to make considerable savings in the face of reduced Government funding and some serious financial challenges in the coming years. This change will help us to achieve these savings in a way we believe is least disruptive to the children and families who use Kingston Hill’s Children’s Centre.

These changes are due to take place from 1 September 2014.

Have your say about the changes

We are very keen to make sure everyone involved can have their say about these changes.

We would like to know what activities you would like to see transferred to one or other of the neighbouring Children’s Centres listed above.

There are several ways you can have your say. You can:

  • fill in our online questionnaire using computers at Kingston Hill, Norbiton, Kingston Town or North Kingston Children’s Centres
  • fill in our paper questionnaire which you can pick up from the Kingston Hill Children’s Centre
  • take part in a discussion group in one of the local children’s centres on:
    • Tuesday 1 July during Stay and Play from 9.15am to 11am at North Kingston
    • Friday 4 July Stay and Play from 9.30am to 11am at Kingston Town
    • Monday 7 July Stay and Play from 9am to 11.30am at Norbiton

The closing date for filling in both the online and paper questionnaire was Friday 18 July 2014.