Council Tax single occupier discount – help us to check our records

Those who get 25 per cent off their Council Tax as single occupiers are being asked to declare if their circumstances have changed in an initiative to ensure discount are claimed by those entitled.

Kingston Council is updating its records and carrying out new checks against other databases (including credit reference agencies) on addresses where people are claiming the discount as the only adult living there.

Last year Kingston Council gave the discount to more than 17,000 households, worth nearly £8million.

By law people have to tell the council within 21 days if they think they no longer qualify for a discount. People receiving the discount were informed in their Council Tax bills sent out in March that additional checks would be undertaken.

The council understands that some people’s circumstances change and they forget to tell us that they are no longer eligible for a discount.

If you get a discount that you think you should not receive please inform us online at Remove single person discount or call us on 020 8547 5007.

Information about available discounts and exemptions is online at Reductions and exemptions for Council Tax.