Lottery money to help Kingston mark First World War centenary

Plans to commemorate Kingston’s part in the First World War with a local history project have been boosted by lottery cash.

Kingston Museum and Heritage Service has won a £51,000 Heritage Lottery Fund grant for an exhibition that will record the lives of the people of Kingston during the conflict. 

4 August 2014 marks 100 years since Britain entered the war.

Reseachers will gather stories about how the war affected people in Kingston, such as the men and women who built the Sopwith Camel which was the most successful fighter plane used on the Western Front, young soldiers who enlisted despite being under age, and doctors and nurses who treated shellshocked soldiers who came to Kingston to recover. 

The project will also look at those who spoke out against the war and European refugees who fled the fighting to make new lives in the borough.

The research will be showcased in an exhibition at Kingston Museum starting in May. Kingston’s Roll of Honour will be on the museum’s website and there will be free workshops for schools and other events.

“I have seen a fascinating album of photographs compiled by a young nurse who worked with recovering wounded servicemen, the kind of often forgotten story which this grant will help us to tell. Our project will help young people in particular to broaden their understanding of how the First World War touched Kingston’s community and shaped the modern world.”

Councillor David Ryder-Mills, Kingston Council’s Lead Member for culture and heritage

“We’re thrilled to receive Heritage Lottery Fund support and are looking forward to unearthing many new and fascinating stories about the borough during the First World War to add to our existing archives.”

Charlotte Samuels, Kingston Museum curator
  • 1914: Remembering Kingston at War will run from 16 May to 16 August at Kingston Museum, Wheatfield Way. 

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