Remembrance Sunday 2020

Important information about Remembrance Sunday.

Due to current COVID-19 safety guidelines it will not be possible to hold the usual public Commemoration Services, March Pasts or Parades that normally take place across the borough on Remembrance Sunday this year.

Wreaths can be placed privately by individuals throughout the Remembrance period but we ask that residents and organisations ensure they keep to current COVID-19 safety guidelines should they wish to privately lay a wreath at one of the war memorials.

The specially adapted Commemoration Service for Kingston Town which was planned has been changed to ensure it follows the lockdown restrictions which come in to place on 5 November.

Sadly, only The Mayor and other Celebrants are now able to attend but the event will be livestreamed via Youtube on November 8 at 10.55am. You can follow along with the event with the service sheet available on our website. 

As part of the Commemorations, in agreement with the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, the tolling of a single bell will take place for 10 minutes prior to the Service being livestreamed on Remembrance Sunday.

There will also be a Surbiton Commemoration Service available to watch on Youtube on November 8 at 10.45am.


If you would like to donate to the Royal British Legion, you are able to do so on their website and in return receive a printable poppy which you can display in your window.


Updated 5 November.