Action taken by Council and Police to address anti-social behaviour issues by Kingston riverside

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Residents in a riverside area of central Kingston affected by antisocial behaviour, including litter, noise and urination, have been given peace of mind through a 3-year Public Space Protection Order.

Anti-social behaviour in Eagle Brewery Wharf and the immediate vicinity has had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those living and working in the area for a considerable period of time. Local people have faced months of opening their doors to rubbish strewn across walkways, loud music and late night disturbances. 

Kingston Council and the Metropolitan Police have been working closely with local residents and businesses to establish the needs of the community and identify ways to address these issues. Following extensive review and consultation, the Council has made the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (Eagle Brewery Wharf) Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) 2020.  The PSPO will tackle anti-social behaviour at Eagle Brewery Wharf and in the immediate vicinity by imposing a range of conditions on the use of the area. 

The order prohibits the operation of loud speakers within the restricted area from 9pm to 8am, and at any other time where it is likely to cause a nuisance. It also prevents the public consumption of alcohol if it is likely to cause a nuisance, unless on licensed premises. The possession and consumption of psychoactive substances is prohibited, along with urination and defecation. General antisocial behaviour is also prohibited. 

Anyone breaching the conditions of the PSPO may be required to give their name and address to an enforcement officer. Failure to comply with the PSPO without a reasonable excuse is now a criminal offence. Anyone convicted may face a fine of up to £1,000. As an alternative to prosecution an Enforcement Officer may issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone he or she has reason to believe has committed an offence under the Order.  

The Police and the Council will continue to work with residents and local businesses to monitor the situation. The full text of the PSPO, including the full restrictions it imposes, can be found here.