Behave responsibly in town centre, urge Kingston Council and Kingston Police

KIngston Council and the Metropolitan Police are urging people across the borough to behave responsibly as lockdown measures ease.

This is to protect public health and keep our town centre clean and safe for residents and everyone who wants to enjoy it. 

In recent days there have been increased incidents of antisocial behaviour, particularly by the riverside. The Council and the Police are asking people to be mindful of everyone who wants to use our shared spaces by adhering to social distancing guidance and not gathering in large groups.

Leader of Kingston Council Caroline Kerr said: 

“I would like to extend my thanks to the vast majority of residents who have been enjoying the easing of restrictions in our town centres and public spaces responsibly and in a way that is mindful of others. 

“Sadly not everyone is being as respectful of our shared spaces, and we have seen increased antisocial behaviour in some areas of the town centre - particularly along the riverside where the police have been called to break up large crowds. 

“We are pleased to welcome people back to our town centre, but we all have a duty to act responsibly and respectfully to keep each other safe and make sure our public spaces are kept clean. 

“While I understand that people are keen to make the most of restrictions easing and enjoy the warmer weather, my plea is that we all do this in a way that respects others who also want to make the most of the great spaces and facilities we have in the borough.”

Inspector Dan Whitten from Kingston Police said: 

“We have deployed considerable resources to disperse large crowds blaring music from sound systems, in a residential area, in the early hours of the morning. This is accompanied by additional anti-social behaviour that has caused considerable distress to residents. 

“We would urge people to enjoy themselves responsibly, with due consideration for their safety, that of others, and the right of residents to reasonable enjoyment of their homes”.