Changes to Housing benefit from April 2013 – cap on benefits

The government has introduced a system of Welfare benefit reforms. Find out how the cap on benefits could affect you.

Welfare reforms 2013

The government has introduced a system of Welfare Benefit reforms to:

  • create a fairer system for low-income working families and for the taxpayer
  • ensure that people on benefit are not living in accommodation that would be out of the reach of most people in work
  • achieve savings - around £1 billion by 2015/16

You can read more about the reforms on GOV.UK: 

Simplifying the welfare system and making sure work pays

Cap on benefits

Part of the reforms will introduce a cap on benefits. You can read more on GOV.UK: 

Introducing a cap on the amount of benefits working age people can receive

What can I do to stop the benefit cap applying to me?

If you can find work then you could qualify for the Working Tax Credit and the new cap will not apply to you. GOV.UK provides advice and support when looking for work, including how to update your skills, write a CV, apply for jobs and prepare for interviews.

Finding a job