Kingston raises Black Lives Matter flag

The Black Lives Matter flag has been raised over Kingston Council's Guildhall building, signalling the council's commitment to celebrating the diversity of the borough and ending racism and injustice.

The Mayor, Margaret Thompson, Leader Cllr Caroline Kerr and CEO of KREC John Azah with the Black Lives Matter flag


Kingston Council’s Equalities Champion Councillor Kim Bailey said:

“The global Black Lives Matter protests have shown the strength of feeling around the world and we all have a responsibility to work to end inequality, injustice and discrimination. 

“As we raise the Black Lives Matter flag at the heart of the borough, we want to signal that we are proud of being a community where diversity is valued and celebrated. This is testament to the strong and active community and faith sectors, and of being a safe and welcoming place for all, but there is still more we must do. 

“We acknowledge these serious concerns and our commitment in the joint statement from Kingston Council Leader Caroline Kerr and the CEO of Kingston Race Equality Council John Azah issued last week. 

 “We are committed to continuing to work to stamp out racism, discrimination and intolerance in all its forms. We will continue to listen to BAME communities about the issues important to them such as eradication of both health and economic inequalities, and act on these concerns. 

“As we look to the future, we reaffirm our commitment to developing a multicultural vision for Kingston that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of our borough. We are committed to making our town centres places that serve the needs and celebrate the contributions of all our communities. We are part of the Mayor of London's newly announced commission to review the public realm and value the opportunity to work alongside other boroughs to improve diversity across the capital.  

“We will continue to celebrate our diversity, listen to our communities and make spaces for conversations and thinking to take place that can shape our borough going forward. We are committed to working with BAME staff across the council and through the BAME staff network to actively listen to them about their experiences and start shaping ideas on what needs to change and improve. Our workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and we will continue to examine our recruitment policies to ensure they enable us to attract staff that reflect the borough's diverse communities.”

The Black Lives Matter flag will fly over the Guildhall building until 22 June.