COVID-19 Update - COVID-19 Update: Leader of the Council tells residents NHS is here for them

Leader of the council, Councillor Caroline Kerr, tells residents that the NHS is here for them...

"Local GPs tell us that they are concerned that they are seeing far fewer people than usual.

They think that perhaps people are worried about putting a burden on the NHS and they want to assure everyone that they are still there and many of them are offering appointments by video and by phone as well to reduce the risk of infection.

So, if you or your child has a health problem or perhaps you're on an immunisation programme please do get in touch with your GPs surgery."

Mental Health Awareness Week Q&A

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we asked residents to submit their questions on mental wellbeing - thank you to everyone who sent in their questions.

We then put them to a panel of mental health experts, who gave valuable tips and advice on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

You can watch the virtual Question and Answer session on our YouTube channel here.

Spotlight on our volunteering Unsung Heroes and a call for stories

Caroline Gallagher lives in Kingston with her husband, 20 year old son, boisterous 4 year old black Labrador and a much quieter cat called Maisie. In normal times she is a TV producer and has produced shows such as Salvage Hunters, Cash in the Attic and A Place in the Sun.     

Having previously volunteered for LEAH (Learn English at Home) - a charity which helps refugees and migrants to improve their English language skills - Caroline decided to volunteer with Kingston Stronger Together when she saw how many people were suffering because of the pandemic. She wanted to support people in whatever way possible.

Caroline has been volunteering as a telephone buddy to a lady who is self-isolating due to underlying health issues. 

“It’s great to chat to her over the phone and to learn about her life and how she is coping – remarkably well considering she’s on her own in a flat with no garden! People are amazingly resilient. The hardest thing is not being able to see her or assist in any other way but she is well supported by social services and her doctor.”

Thank you Caroline!

Share your #KinderKingston stories - We’ve seen huge acts of kindness across the borough. If you have someone you would like to thank, please join in with #KinderKingston and share it with us on Kinder Kingston.