Adult Social Care awarded certificate of excellence

Kingston Council's Adult Social Care team has been recognised at the Public Sector Transformation Awards, receiving a Certificate of Excellence.

Celebrating innovation and transformation in the public sector, the awards recognise and celebrate the best work being done across the country to improve service quality, increase access to essential services and create new ways to support those delivering and receiving care. 

The team’s work to improve resilience has had a significant impact over the last two years. Working with teams from across the borough to understand how staff manage their physical and mental wellbeing, it was clear that a new approach was needed that would help to:

  1. Improve the way staff manage their own wellbeing

  2. Give staff the tools they need to understand and improve their ability to deal with change

  3. Encourage staff to be mindful of each others’ wellbeing

Gemma Blunt, Corporate Head of Service Adult Social Care said:

“We’re so proud of the way everyone contributed to developing the new strength-based service. Providing the tools our staff need to look after their emotional resilience and create an environment in which people can talk openly about their mental and physical wellbeing has had a really positive impact on everyone. 

“The training programme we’ve developed will help make sure all new staff members have the tools they need to deliver great levels of care while looking after their own wellbeing. Our new Resilience Champions will also help make sure all staff have everything they need to support each other and build a stronger, more connected team.

Vicky Middleton, a social worker who’s part of the adult care services team, said:

“Resilience sessions are helping to share  tools with our colleagues that can help to  reduce stress, avoid burn-out, set goals and celebrate  success. This has helped change the team’s culture and make it normal to talk about our own wellbeing, to celebrate our individual strengths, and remind ourselves of the importance of teamwork.”

Focusing on individuals’ strengths has also had a positive impact on Kingston residents. Carers that have received resilience training are now using their skills to improve the caring service they provide, working with residents to draw out and strengthen their own resilience so they are more able to achieve the goals that matter most to them

This is another example of the many ways Kingston Council is adapting the way that it operates to build a stronger local community and better support its people through a period of considerable change and uncertainty. 

Cllr Kim Bailey, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care, said: 

“During this time, we have established some really strong relationships with partner organisations, residents, businesses and with each other. We’ve learnt a lot about what we can achieve when we come together, and we will continue to build on these relationships and keep working closely together in the future.”

To find out more about Kingston’s work to improve adult social care across the borough, as well as look at how you can join the team, visit the team’s page on the Kingston Council website.