Joint statement from Kingston Council, Kingston Voluntary Action and Volunteering Kingston

"It has been great to hear about so many in our community wanting to volunteer to help those needing support at the worrying time.

"Kingston Council, Kingston Voluntary Action and Volunteering Kingston have launched Kingston Stronger Together to coordinate volunteers.

"Sign up to volunteer through Kingston Stronger Together.

"It is important that as well as helping those in need, we do it as safely as possible to protect them against the very small minority that do not have their best interests at heart and wish to defraud or harm them. 

"We do not want to stop friends, families and neighbours who know each other from helping each other, so please do continue to do that, and use Kingston Stronger Together, if you are happy to help others you do not know yet. 

"If you are a community or volunteer group who has clients in need please visit to register as a group.

"As always please follow Government advice on self-isolating and social distancing and keep washing your hands frequently."

Councillor Liz Green - Leader of Kingston Council
Sanja Djeric Kane - CEO, Kingston Voluntary Action
Michael Green - Volunteer Services Programme Manager, Volunteering Kingston

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Kingston Voluntary Action 


Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 020 8255 3335


Volunteering Kingston

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0300 365 9980

Make sure you keep checking the coronavirus pages on our website for more information, as well as our Facebook and Twitter channels. 

You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which provides regular updates on the situation in Kingston.


We are proud to be working together as we look towards helping the most vulnerable people in our communities, and we thank every single one of you once again for your time, patience, commitment and dedication.

Thank you.