Think you know your drink? Web help to cut heavy drinking

People can find out how their drinking habits affect their health and wellbeing online thanks to a new council website.

The Kingston Council Public Health website,, is designed to help people measure their intake, educate them about safe and responsible levels of alcohol consumption, and direct them to local services.

The website includes a confidential and anonymous questionnaire to assess levels of drinking and any risks to health.

Public Health experts estimate that about 27,000 people in the borough are in the ‘increasing risk’ category for alcohol-related harm due to the amount they consume.

Kingston ambulance staff were called out to more than 1,200 alcohol-related incidents in 2011-12.

The website was piloted with Kingston University students earlier in the autumn.

“We want Kingston residents who drink to do so safely. The new website will help people check for themselves if their drinking is within or over government guidelines. It’s designed to provide tips and advice as well as to point people to the healthy lifestyle services we have in the borough to improve wellbeing.”

Iona Lidington, Kingston’s Associate Director of Public Health

“The website is really clear and helpful around explaining what risky drinking means and how to stay safe on a night out. Some students found out that they drink more than they first thought, and many never realised how many calories were in their drinks!”

Lizzie Carse, Kingston University Vice President Student Life