Meet our friendly Neighbourhood Rangers

Find out about our Neighbourhood Rangers and the work they undertake across the borough.

A typical day for our rangers starts at the council Guildhall offices at 8am where they stock up on supplies and equipment needed for the day ahead. This could include paint, rollers, litter pickers, posters and flyers.

For most part of the day rangers are busy supporting local volunteering activities and community events such as Celebrating Chessington, Fishponds Action Day and the Cambridge Road Estate Fun Day. They also deliver leaflets and maintain our notice boards to keep residents up to date with the latest events and consultations taking place in their area. The team is also on standby to remove graffiti reported to the council's contact centre.

Our rangers also run our Snow Friends scheme, signing people up and providing training so that volunteers can grit pavements and clear snow in their streets

No two days are the same in the life of our busy rangers! If you would like support with a community event or or litter pick in your area, our neighbourhood rangers would be happy to help. Please email: [email protected] or visit our website