Kingston Council commits to supporting vulnerable residents despite financial challenges

Despite increasing financial pressure, the council is investing £3.8m to ensure our residents are healthy, independent and resilient, as well as providing support to those who need it most.  

The proposals were discussed and approved at the Children’s and Adults Care and Education Committee (30 January) and will be going to Budget Council on 27 February for final approval. 

Kingston’s ageing population means we are now supporting more elderly and vulnerable residents than we have before and demands on these vital services are continuing to rise. 

Costs of adult social care services alone are predicted to total more than £50m and will account for 38% of the council total yearly spend in 2020-21. A further £30m will be spent on ensuring we are safeguarding and providing services to vulnerable children. 

Councillor Diane White, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services at Kingston Council, and Co-Chair of the Children’s and Adults Care and Education Committee, said: 

“Kingston has been hit particularly hard in terms of the shortfall in the grant it receives to support the increasing numbers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). It’s vital that everyone works together to support children and young people with SEND and their families. Our vision is that every child and young person with SEND is supported to engage in learning and has an educational experience that inspires them, unlocks and nurtures their talents, and provides a solid foundation for a happy, fulfilling and independent life.

“As with previous years, we are being forced to make some tough decisions when it comes to this year’s budget. We will continue to prioritise spending on adult and children's social care and the people who need our support the most with increases to match increased demand.”

Councillor Kim Bailey, Co-Chair of the Children’s and Adults Care and Education Committee, said: 

“Despite the challenging financial situation brought on by the long term shortfall in government funding, Kingston Council is determined to ensure our most vulnerable residents receive resources and support to live the best life possible.”

You can view the budget proposals on our website. For more information on committee dates or to watch them live, visit our website.