Bands, Orchestras and Theory Groups

Music technology courses

We run music technology courses at Hook Road Studio on Monday evenings.

Music & Tech (for ages 7-12)

This weekly course will teach students all they need to know to record their very own song!

Suitable for children aged 7-12, this fun and interactive music production session will show kids how technology is a fundamental part of today's music.

Each week, we will focus on a different elements needed to compose their very own track which they will be able to show their friends and family and the end of each term.

Music Production course (for ages 12-18)

This course is a follow-on from our Music & Tech course and covers more advanced material.

Suitable for young people aged 12-18, participants learn how to produce, record and mix their own music taught by an experienced studio engineer.  Participants have opportunities to collaborate with other students in the group on projects or complete independent tasks on our Macbooks.

How to join any of our groups 

To apply for a place in one of our music technology classes, please complete our online application form. Once we have received your application we will contact you with further information, including how you can pay.

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