Autism, and the related Asperger Syndrome, are part of a range of disorders that can cause difficulties with communication and social skills. The range of conditions are known as ‘autism spectrum condition’.

More than one out of every 100 people has autism. Autism is often called a 'hidden disability' because you cannot always tell that someone has autism just by looking at them. Autism lasts for all of a person's life. Some people with autism find it difficult to;

  • tell people what they need, and how they feel
  • meet other people and to make new friends
  • understand what other people think, and how they feel.

Not everyone with autism will find these things difficult as everyone is different. People with Asperger Syndrome do not have learning disabilities but they can find the same things difficult as people with autism do.

Working Well Trust - provides group and individual support to adults (age 18+) with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism. For support and guidance with employment - contact: Working Well Trust on 0207 143 4044 or by email at

National Autistic Society is the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. They provide information, support and services, and campaign for people with autism.

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