Parks and pavements

The parks and pavement project

The parks and pavements project was approved at Budget Council on 28 February 2017. The £2 million project will see new play equipment, bins, benches and tree planting in fourteen parks across the borough. Ten stretches of pavements will also be resurfaced as part of the works.  

The works will take place within the next 12 to 18 months, with the aim to complete the improvements by March 2018.


10 stretches of pavement will be resurfaced with asphalt (concrete). This will remove the potential for trip hazards caused by uneven and broken paving slabs and will provide a smooth, accessible and safer surface for pedestrians. Broken paving slabs will be recycled through the contract and reused as foundation material within construction creating a sustainable approach.

Uneven and displaced kerbing will also be removed and replaced with new concrete kerbing which will provide improved pavement and carriageway support.

The locations for the pavement activities are:

  • Barnfield Gardens
  • Fairfield  
  • Caverleigh Way
  • Park Road
  • Stormont Way
  • Verona Drive
  • Garrison Lane
  • Knollmead
  • Kings Drive
  • Lyndhurst Avenue


The work will range from major refurbishment, through to small scale health and safety improvements. All 14 parks will have bins, benches and anti dog-fouling and littering signage either installed or upgraded. 

The 14 parks which were selected for the improvements are:

  • Athelstan Recreation Ground
  • Blagdon Road Park
  • Alexandra Drive Playground
  • Raeburn Open Space (former lagoon area)
  • Elm Road Recreation Ground
  • Fairfields Recreation Ground
  • Tudor Estate Playground
  • Canbury Gardens Playground
  • Woodgate Avenue Playground
  • Knollmead Playground
  • The Wood
  • Latchmere Recreation Ground
  • Barton Green
  • Dickerage Recreation Ground
  • Tree pits at various locations

Eight of the 14 parks will also be undergoing improvement work to the play areas including new play equipment, better access and improved surroundings.

The eight parks which will see improvements to the playgrounds are:

  • Alexandra Drive
  • Blagdon Road
  • Canbury Gardens
  • Elm Road
  • Knollmead
  • Latchmere
  • Royal Park Gate
  • Woodgate Avenue..