Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) 2018

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018

The PNA describes the needs for the population of our borough. It considers the current provision of pharmaceutical services across four areas. The PNA aims to identify whether current pharmaceutical service provision meets the needs of the population. The PNA considers whether there are any gaps to service delivery.

The PNA includes information on:

  • pharmacies in Kingston and the services they currently provide, including dispensing, providing advice on health, medicines reviews and local public health services, such as smoking cessation, sexual health and support for drug users.
  • other local pharmaceutical services, including dispensing appliance contractors (DAC).
  • Relevant maps relating to Kingston and providers of pharmaceutical services in the HWB area.
  • Services in neighbouring HWB areas that may affect the need for services in Kingston.
  • Potential gaps in provision that could be met by providing more pharmacy services, or through opening more pharmacies, and likely future needs.

In order to inform the PNA, the Health and Wellbeing Board established a steering group. The group undertook surveys and sought information from pharmacies as well as NHS England. The local authority and Kingston clinical commissioning group also provided information.

The PNA concluded that no gaps in pharmaceutical services had been established. A 60 day statutory consultation was under taken and the responses were used to inform the final conclusions published.

The Kingston Health and Wellbeing Board are required to published a revised PNA by April 2021.  If there are any changes to pharmaceutical services before this, supplementary documents may be attached.  These then become part of the PNA. 

If you would like to report any changes to pharmaceutical services in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, please email: [email protected]

Read the PNA

You can download the PNA by clicking here.