Brompton Bike Hire

Brompton Bike Hire has rolled into Kingston

Go Cycle

A Brompton Bike Hire dock is now in place at Surbiton Station providing local residents and visitors access to 24/7 automated folding bike hire. 

The growing Brompton network of bikes now comprises over 40 docking stations in 25 UK towns and cities, currently offering a fleet of nearly 1,000 bikes for public hire.

The Surbiton hire dock has 16 lockers with Brompton bikes allowing everyone the option of cycling in and around the borough. These bikes will complement the various routes being developed as part of the Go Cycle programme.

Fold up bikes offer added flexibility for combined journeys as they are portable on buses, trains, taxis and cars. Also because the Surbiton dock is part of the national network of Brompton Bike Hire docks a bike could be taken out at Surbiton and returned in Bristol if such a journey was required.

Bicycles are available for hire from as little as £3.50 for 24 hours. To access a bike you all you need to do is sign up by registering online on the Brompton Bike website. You can then book a bike and return it by requesting a code either online or by text.

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