Brompton Bike Hire

Brompton Bike Hire has rolled into Kingston

Go Cycle

A Brompton Bike Hire dock is now in place at Surbiton Station providing local residents and visitors access to 24/7 automated folding bike hire. 

The Brompton network of bikes operates over 40 docking stations in 25 UK towns and cities offering a fleet of nearly 1,000 bikes for public hire.

The Surbiton hire dock includes 16 lockers with Brompton bikes giving people access to cycling options across the borough. The bikes will compliment the various routes being developed as part of the Go Cycle programme.

Bicycles are available for hire from as little as £3.50 for 24 hours. Brompton will monitor use to ensure that the eight lockers have a constant supply of available bikes for hire.

To access a bike - you need to sign up as a member by registering online. You can then book a bike and return them by requesting a code either online or by text.

Why Brompton?

The Brompton Bike Hire station targets different journeys to the central London cycle hire scheme. It offers more flexibility in journey type and duration, all at one simple low price.

Other schemes are aimed at sub-30 minute journeys between docking stations, but the Brompton Bike Hire docks allow people to take out bikes and use them for rolling 24 hour periods. This means people can treat the Brompton bikes as if they are their own, taking them to work or home, folding them and keeping by their desk.

Fold up bikes offer added flexibility for combined journeys as they are portable on buses, trains, taxis and cars. Because the docks will be part of the national network of Brompton Bike Hire docks a bike could be taken out at Surbiton and returned in Peterborough if such a journey was required.

How to register

  •  You need to register online with Brompton
    • To register you will need - 

    • A credit or debit card in your name

    • Your residential address

    • Your card billing address if different

    • Your mobile phone

    • Your email address

  • Once registered you can hire a bike by text or email.
  • A day's hire is 24 hours from the moment you take the bike out. Take it out at 8am and return it by 8am the following day and you will only be charged for one day. 
  • There are two tariffs to choose from: frequent and leisure. 
  • Each has an annual membership fee and a daily hire charge. When joining, you'll pay your annual fee and be required to add £10 credit to your account to cover your first hire days.
    • Frequent - £25 annual fee and daily hire £3.50

    • Leisure - £5 annual fee and daily hire £6.50

  • You can reserve a locker to return your bike to either online or by text. You can return your Brompton bike to any public dock in the UK network. For example you can take a bike out in Kingston and return it to Peterborough.
  • You can keep a bike out for as long as you want as charges will just roll over. You only need to make a reservation to return the bike once you decide to give it back. If you have a bike out when your membership is due for renewal your membership will automatically be renewed.
  • You can only reserve a bike to take out on the day you wish to hire it or the day before. 
  • Brompton bikes come with both front and rear dynamo lights. The lights will come on as you pedal, the rear light will stay on for a few minutes when you come to a stop.
  • Locks and helmets are not provided with the bikes. Bikes can be folded and kept with you at all times so there is no need to lock them up. Instructions for folding the bikes are on the dock.
  • Folding bikes can be taken on public transport at anytime unlike conventional bikes that can only be taken out of peak hours.

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