Wheatfield Way area

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May construction work

Road Resurfacing - completed in March 2019.

Fairfield Rd to Ashdown Rd

  • Finishing works continue to pedestrian and cycle lane areas through May on the road section between Fairfield Rd and Ashdown Rd - including current works outside the library (near junction of Fairfield Road and Wheatfield Way). 

Ashdown Road to Brook Street

  • Works will progress on creation of the cycle lanes along the east side of Wheatfield Way.  
  • Adjustments to the paved areas and finishing of cycle lanes, and installation of signs and markings to late Sprng.
  • This will complete the final section of the Wheatfield Way scheme, and will connect with the new Penrhyn Road scheme at College roundabout.  

We apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause. Pedestrians are asked to follow the signed walkways, and be aware of any part-finished paved areas and signage, as the pedestrian and cycle spaces are finished.. 

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Photos showing the Wheatfield Way scheme before, during and after

Wheatfield Way before


Wheatfield Way under construction


Wheatfield Way partial completion


coloured wiggly lines