Wheatfield Way area

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This key ring road, that includes parts of Wheatfield Way, Clarence Street and College Roundabout is being upgraded under the Go Cycle Programme to improve the area and make better use of the space.

The scheme aims to:

  • improve the safety for all road users
  • offer better accessibility to Kingston Town centre and key facilities
  • transform facilities for cycling
  • provide new public spaces 
  • enhance the area to make it an attractive passageway through Kingston


  • perception survey February to March 2016
  • public consultation took place from 20 June to 18 July 2016
  • the plans were approved by the Residents Committee on 14 September 2016
  • construction began October 2017
  • completion of construction and open for use by Summer 2019


Junction at Wheatfield Way and Fairfield North - Works commenced in August 2018 to upgrade junctions at Wheatfield Way and Fairfield North. A wider pedestrian and cycle crossing have been installed along with a two-way segregated cycle lane. Pedestrian areas around the junction (near Old London Rd) were completed in November 2018.

Junction at Brook Street and Wheatfield Way - A new segregated cycle lane has been completed between College Roundabout and Brook Street. Installation of new centre islands, paving, and signal crossing improvements have been made at Brook Street.

Wheatfield Way visualisation


An artist's impression of the Wheatfield Way improvements

coloured wiggly lines