Fountain Roundabout, New Malden

Consultation on initial proposals

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A public consultation took place between 20 June and 18 July on our proposals for the Fountain Roundabout.

The consultation

The response to the consultation was high, with 987 people taking time to feedback their views. 

As part of the Fountain Roundabout Go Cycle consultation, 3,623 consultation papers and 1,899 letters were sent to addresses surrounding the roundabout.  A further 1,000 copies were distributed via the pop-up shop, drop ins and the library.

Review the initial consultation documents.

Read the full independent consultation report.

The following proposals were consulted on:

  • convert Fountain roundabout into a signalled crossroads junction to improve the safety for all users 
  • provide safe controlled pedestrian and cycle crossings on all four arms of the junction to provide safer and more direct routes through the junction 
  • create a new enlarged area of public space adjacent to Kingston Environment Centre in collaboration with regeneration stakeholders with the opportunity for additional trees, a new location for a fountain feature, more cycle parking, and possible commercial opportunities such as kiosks. 
  • shared space for cyclists and pedestrians. 
  • increase pavement space and improve accessibility to bus stops. 
  • ban the right turn from Malden Road onto Burlington Road, except for buses 
The consultation responses were:
  • 48% of respondents supported the proposals
  • 46% of respondents opposed the proposals
  • 5% of respondents were neutral
  • 1% of respondents stated "don't know".

Consultation feedback

The views expressed by residents and key stakeholders played an important role in shaping the proposals for Fountain Roundabout.

A petition with 576 signatures was presented to Council in July 2016 against the Fountain Roundabout scheme.  

In October 2016 the council decided that while the proposal for the Fountain Roundabout was fundamentally a good scheme, there had been significant feedback from local residents who were not supportive of changes to the roundabout.

As a consequence the council voted unanimously to not implement the current proposal for Fountain roundabout.

It is unlikely that there will be another scheme for Fountain Roundabout that sufficiently satisfies safety concerns, as well as the criteria of the Transport for London (TfL) Mini-Holland funding. However, we will consider other options in the future, subject to TfL funding. 

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