Fountain Roundabout, New Malden

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Fountain Roundabout was one of a number of projects included in the Go Cycle Programme.  It was being looked at to see how we could transform facilities for those travelling by bicycle and improve road safety and connectivity for all in New Malden.

Kingston Council puts resident engagement as a priority. At full council in October 2016 the council decided that while the proposal for the Fountain Roundabout was fundamentally a good scheme, there had been significant feedback from local residents who were not supportive of changes to the roundabout.

As a consequence the council voted unanimously to not implement the current proposal for Fountain roundabout.

It is unlikely that there will be another scheme for Fountain Roundabout that sufficiently satisfies safety concerns, as well as the criteria of the Transport for London (TfL) Mini-Holland funding. However, we will consider other options in the future, subject to TfL funding.

The council continues to support the aims of the Go Cycle programme as whole to help change the way people travel around Kingston.

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