Surbiton to Kingston

Consultation on initial proposals

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A public consultation took place between 20 June and 18 July 2016 on our initials proposals for the Surbiton to Kingston route.

The consultation

The response to the consultation was high, with 492 people taking time to feedback their views. The majority of respondents supported the proposals for Avenue Elmers and Palace Road but opposed the proposals for Claremont Road and St Mark's Hill.  As a consequence, these routes have been significantly amended to address the main concerns.

Review the initial consultation documents.

Key findings from the consultation include:
  • Palace Road improvements: 46 per cent in favour and 32 per cent opposed
  • Avenue Elmers improvements: 46 per cent in favour and 28 per cent opposed
  • St Mark's Hill improvements: 40 per cent in favour and 46 per cent opposed
  • Claremont Road improvements: 35 per cent in favour and 58 per cent opposed
The consultation also showed an increasing desire to cycle locally as a result of the proposals. While only 12 per cent of respondents stated that they currently cycle, when all respondents were asked if they were likely or more likely to cycle as a result of the improvements, the figure jumped to 34 per cent.
Shaping the proposals for Surbiton to Kingston

The views expressed by residents and key stakeholders, such as Transport for London, have played a key role in shaping the proposals for the Surbiton to Kingston scheme.

We have responded directly to the feedback and developed our plans accordingly.

Approval to go ahead was given by the Resident's Committee in September 2016.

Improving the cycle route from Surbiton to Kingston
The project aims to improve the cycle route between Surbiton and Kingston. This route will link to a further scheme which will be going to public consultation in the autumn, to include Surbiton Crescent, a section of Surbiton Road and Penrhyn Road.
The council would like to complete the route to Surbiton Station and is working with Transport for London to obtain the required funding.
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