Portsmouth Road

Portsmouth Road - before and after

Local resident and film maker Alan Birkinshaw has pulled together a short film about the changes to Portsmouth Road.

Filmed over the year, the film, Fabulous Kingston: Go Cycle, shows the Portsmouth Road scheme before, during and after construction. He was also on hand to capture the official opening celebrations of the new cycle lane and riverside improvements.

Alan has even visited the Kingston archives to pull historic photos of the Kingston riverside into the film, which was all shot on a mobile phone.

Alan said: "As a film maker I have travelled all over the world, and when I go to a new country or city, I look on the internet for information about that place.

"One day I looked up Kingston, and realised was there was limited information about the area. So I made a documentary style film, shot over the course of a year, and called it Fabulous Kingston.

"The riverside is a wonderful place and I often make videos of the wild life that resides there. Especially the swans.

"As the cycle path was happening right outside my door, it seemed a good opportunity to capture the before and after, as well as the work in progress. It’s amazing how quickly one forgets what it was like before!