Portsmouth Road

Frequently asked questions

Why is the cycle track as wide as it is?

  • The cycle lane caters for cycle flows in two directions. It is generally three metres wide which is the normal width for new two-way lanes designed to the London Cycling Design Standards

Will cyclists have to use the new track? 

  • We believe most cyclists using Portsmouth Road will want to use the new dedicated two-way cycle lane. Some cyclists who are going just a short distance along it may not want to cross the road to get to it only to cross back again. Some faster cyclists may prefer to stay on the road and they are legally entitled to do so.

Can motor vehicles safely pass each other overtake cycles on the Portsmouth Road?

  • Yes. The carriageway is not as wide as it was, however there is sufficient width for large vehicles to pass each other and for motor vehicles to pass slower cyclists on the road when there is no vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

Why are there no centre line markings? 

  • Research has shown that drivers drive slower when there is no centre line marked, and slower vehicle speed is proven to reduce the risk of collisions. We will monitor the effects of not having a centre line.

What happens to the track at bus stops? 

  • There are short areas of 'shared use' at bus stops where bus users will be expected to be getting on and off of buses. This type of layout has been successfully used in other parts of the UK and in Europe. Cyclists are expected to make safe and sensible allowance for bus passengers at bus stops. We will closely monitor the use and impacts of the bus stop layouts on all users.

When will the route be complete? 

  • The new cycle lane opened for use in November. Landscaping improvements to the Queens Promenade and associated works were complete in March. The area was officially opened in April 2017.