About the Go Cycle Programme

What are people saying about the Go Cycle developments?


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If you live in, work or visit Kingston upon Thames, you'll benefit from the Go Cycle developments. The developments are going to help us prepare for growth to secure a bright and prosperous future for the borough. 

Here's what people are saying about our walking and cycling schemes...

Val Shawcross, Deputy Mayor for Transport:

"Portsmouth Road is a brilliant scheme. Whether you want to pop down to the river, walk around the local area, or cycle safely into the centre of Kingston, these improvements will benefit everyone."

"We must help Londoners become more active and healthy, and this is a great example of how we can improve the physical environment, while encouraging more Londoners to make walking and cycling a part of their everyday routine."

"We will continue to work closely with Kingston as they push ahead with their plans to get more people walking and cycling all across the borough."

Will Norman, London's first full-time Walking and Cycling Commissioner:

"It's wonderful that Kingston shares the ambition of me and the Mayor to make cycling a safer and easier option for residents across their borough."

"This fantastic new scheme not only links Surbiton and Kingston with a calm and safe cycle route, but also improves their iconic riverside for pedestrians too. Getting more people walking and cycling can really improve quality of life for everyone - improving our health, tackling poor air quality, and improving our high streets."

Ben Plowden, TfL's Director of Strategy and Planning, Surface Transport:

"This early scheme is impressive and when all routes are complete, Kingston will be more attractive, accessible and people-friendly so everyone can enjoy walking and cycling in the borough. A major cycle hub is planned, more high-quality cycling routes will be introduced and the area around Kingston station is set to be transformed."

Peter Murray, Chairman, New London Architecture:

"Go Cycle is a part of a wider London programme to create healthier streets, safer roads and more pleasant public spaces in outer London. Kingston is doing a great job in balancing the needs of all stakeholders to deliver a more sustainable, less polluting infrastructure for locals and visitors alike."

The Leader, Councillor Kevin Davis:

"The Go Cycle developments will bring benefits to all residents in the borough - improving the public realm for everyone's enjoyment. The Go Cycle developments are a key part of 'Kingston Futures' - a regeneration plan that will shape how the borough adapts and copes with the forecast growth in population in the coming years. It will relieve peak time public transport pressures by offering increased transport choices and making better use of the existing road network and spaces."

"Moving around the borough will be easier thanks to better infrastructure."

"Sense of safety will be improved for all by reducing dangers."

"Improved relations between all road users will be achieved through innovative highway and public realm designs that cater for the needs of all."

"Access by bike and foot to community facilities, workplaces, shops, schools, attractions and open spaces will be improved."

"'Connecting places, not following routes' - the programme will improve quality of life for residents of the borough by establishing better and safer connections between key community locations."

Andy Collins, Operations Manager, John Lewis, Kingston

"John Lewis welcomes this initiative to develop our town and improve the environment for residents workers and visitors alike. This is an exciting project that will enhance the image of the town and we look forward to working with key stakeholders to ensure its success."

Chris Lee, Director of Environment and Regeneration, London Borough of Merton

"Merton Council supports the Go Developments and we very much look forward to working with you on projects that cross our shared boundary."

Kingston Cycling Campaign:

"The Kingston Cycling Campaign is very pleased with the Portsmouth Road cycle track scheme. It has delivered a continuous cycle track separate from traffic on a route that previously was very intimidating for inexperienced cyclists."

"This has resulted in many more people cycling on this route, and especially people such as families with young children who would not previously made trips by bike."

"It is particularly pleasing that the scheme is used by various styles of cyclists from children and utility cyclists to sports club cyclists, showing the value of the project to all of these."

"We are pleased too that the scheme has brought benefits to pedestrians with the provision of additional zebra crossings using Zebrite beacons and the up-to-date use of parallel zebra crossings which can be used by people on bikes to cross the stream of traffic and access the cycle track."

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