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This page has been created to provide you with a monthly update of planned works on our Go Cycle schemes.

January works

Go Cycle construction works in the town centre are set to recommence in January following the Christmas moratorium on highway works. 

Works in early 2018 will include four Go Cycle schemes - Surbiton to Kingston, Kingston Station, Wheatfield Way and Kingston to Kingston Vale.

Works on all schemes are being co-ordinated to minimise traffic disruption and to ensure the town centre remains accessible.

Here's a summary of upcoming works.

Kingston Station scheme:

Work on the Kingston Station project started in April 2017 and is aimed at improving pedestrian and cycling links between the station to the historic town centre, the Thames Path and north Kingston. 

Construction works will recommence in January 2018. Although there will be temporary carriageway lane closures which are likely to cause some traffic delays, the works will be planned and managed to minimise traffic disruption and ensure the town centre remains accessible.

The temporary surfacing materials put in place during the Christmas moratorium will be removed. Granite setts will be installed on the carriageway on Wood Street, Richmond Road and Cromwell Road. Raised tables will also be installed on Wood Street and Fife Road.

Temporary pedestrian diversions will be in place at the station as we begin installing paving in the station forecourt.

The cycle parking racks at the station will be relocated to a temporary facility with room for 40 bikes. The temporary relocation of the cycle racks will enable works to continue in preparation for  the future new pedestrian and cycle footbridge and new cycle hub for up 250 spaces.

You can keep up to date on all the upcoming work for the Kingston Station project on our website.

Wheatfield Way scheme:

The segregated two-way cycle lane on Wheatfield Way will be a key link to several Go Cycle projects creating a north/south connection that bypasses the town centre.

The route will enable cyclists to avoid travelling through the busy town centre pedestrian zone. We will also create wider and more direct crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists.
The scheme includes parts of Wheatfield Way, Wood Street and Clarence Street.

The first section of the new two-way segregated cycle lane was constructed and completed on the eastern footway of Clarence St (between Wilkos and the Rotunda) in 2017.

Works on the remaining sections of the Wheatfield Way scheme are planned to recommence in January 2018.

The next phase of work includes an upgrade of the street lights between College Roundabout and Kingston railway station, and the creation of a new segregated cycle lane on the eastern footway of Wheatfield Way between College Roundabout and Brook Street.   

You can find out more about the Wheatfield Way works on our website.

Kingston to Kingston Vale scheme:

Construction of the Kingston to Kingston Vale route is expected to begin in early 2018.

The first phase of work will involve the creation of a 'quietway' route along Canbury Park Road, Queen Elizabeth Road and Gordon Road which will be shared between vehicles and cyclists. 

The works for this first phase are expected to take up to five weeks and includes modification to traffic islands, existing speed humps and installation of new tactile paving.

You can keep up to date on all the upcoming work for the Kingston to Kingston Vale scheme on our website.

Surbiton to Kingston scheme:

The Surbiton to Kingston route is aimed at improving connectivity on bike and foot between the two centres and includes a number of roads in Surbiton.

Works on Avenue Elmers and Palace Road were completed in February 2017,  a new one-way cycle lane on St Mark's Hill was opened in April 2017 and new permanent traffic restrictions have been installed on Surbiton Crescent.

The next phase of works for the Surbiton to Kingston route are due to commence in January to install new controlled crossings at the Maple Road/Claremont Road Junction and a new cycle lane on Claremont Road between Maple Road and The Crescent.

You can keep up to date on all the upcoming work for the Surbiton to Kingston scheme on our website.

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