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This page has been created to provide you with a monthly update of planned works on our Go Cycle schemes.

February works

Go Cycle construction will continue to progress in Kingston throughout 2019. Works will commence on the Penrhyn Road project - the first phase of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme. Key sections of the schemes for Kingston Station, Wheatfield Way, New Malden to Raynes Park, and Kingston to Kingston Vale will be completed during 2019.

Works on all schemes are being coordinated to minimise traffic disruption and to ensure the town centre remains accessible.

Here's a summary of upcoming works.

Penrhyn Road scheme (Kingston to Tolworth phase 1)

The Penrhyn Road scheme is the first section of the Kingston to Tolworth scheme. The route of the Penrhyn Road scheme runs between College roundabout and Surbiton Road via Penrhyn Road. The northern end of the route at College Roundabout will link with the Wheatfield Way scheme. The southern end of the route will link to the Surbiton to Kingston scheme at the junction of Surbiton Road and Surbiton Crescent. Construction works will commence on Penrhyn Road near College roundabout.

You can find more information about the Penrhyn Road scheme and keep up to date on construction progress here.

Kingston Station scheme:

Works are aimed at improving pedestrian and cycling links between the station and the historic town centre, the Thames Path and north Kingston.

  • Construction works on the carriageway on Wood Street outside Kingston station were completed in January 2018, and Richmond Road was completed in time for the Summer.  
  • Works outside the Rotunda and Tesco are now complete and cycle hoops have been re-instated.

Footbridge - The footbridge next to the station was removed in April 2018. You can view a timelapse of the works here.

Works over the forthcoming months will focus on the installation of the new pedestrian and cycling bridge planned for Spring of 2019. This is currently expected to take place in March.

You can keep up to date on all the upcoming work for the Kingston Station project on our page.

Wheatfield Way scheme:

This scheme will provide a segregated two-way cycle lane between College roundabout and Kingston Station on sections of the A307 on Wheatfield Way and Clarence Street, with improved crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

Once completed the scheme will be a key link to several Go Cycle projects. The route will create a north/south connection to enable cyclists to bypass the busy town centre and create wider and more direct crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists.

From January 2019 works will continue between Fairfield Road and the Brook Street junction. Temporary lane adjustment and traffic management measures will be in place while works are underway. Road users may encounter slight delays to journeys, especially at peak times.

The crossing at Orchard Road will be closed from 21 January as works progress on this section, and are estimated to re-open in mid-February (weather permitting). Pedestrians are advised to use alternative crossing points at Brook St or outside the library.

Note: The cycle lane located on an adjoining road Fairfield West (from Fairfield Road) near Kingston Library has been temporarily suspended. This is to allow for safe redirection of vehicles during the works being carried out around the Fairfield Road junction over this period. Vehicles wishing to gain access to Fairfield Road and the streets off it during this period need to travel via Orchard Road and Fairfield West. The cycle lane will be reinstated once this section of the works has been completed.

You can find out more about the Wheatfield Way works on this page.

New Malden to Raynes Park scheme:

The new 1.2km walking and cycling path from New Malden to Raynes Park will open up a direct and entirely traffic-free route between New Malden Railway Station and Raynes Park Recreation Ground.

The path will run along Thames Water land, parallel to the railway line, passing under the A3 Kingston bypass and avoiding busy or lengthy alternative routes. Journey times between these areas for pedestrians and cyclists will be improved.

New Malden - Works have commenced outside New Malden Railway Station.

Raynes Park - A site compound has been set up on the Raynes Park Recreation Ground, and construction works have commenced on the off-road route.

You can keep up to date on all the upcoming work for the New Malden to Raynes Park scheme on this page.

Kingston to Kingston Vale scheme:

This will ultimately connect cycle traffic travelling between the A3 Robin Hood roundabout near the entrance to Richmond Park, to the centre of Kingston and Kingston railway station.

Works have commenced in the Kingston Hill area between Derwent Avenue and Warren Road, and will extend to Galsworthy Road.  Check for details on this page

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