About the Go Cycle Programme

List of Go Cycle developments

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The Go Cycle programme is looking at a number of key routes and spaces across the borough to improve cycling facilities and road safety, whilst at the same time enhancing Kingston’s public spaces. Find out about each of these proposals, how you can have your say and when work is planned to take place: 

Map of Go Cycle developments 

Key concepts across the developments are:

  • creating and enhancing public spaces with attractive features and street furniture
  • transforming cycling infrastructure and facilities, with protected cycle lanes, increased cycle parking and cycle hubs
  • improving road safety with better and additional crossings
  • improving facilities, access and connectivity for those travelling on foot and bicycle

The population of Kingston is growing, but the spaces for travelling around aren’t - so the ‘Go Cycle programme' is looking at key areas in the borough where we can enhance and improve these spaces to keep Kingston moving in the future. Thanks to funding from The Mayor of London and Transport for London under the Mini-Holland Programme, we have over £30 million to help address this.

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