Follow the CIL process

Stage 4: Before you start work (Commencement Notice)

Before you start work - submit your Commencement Notice

You need to give us a Commencement Notice before you start work. The latest you can give this to us is one day before you start work. 

Download the Commencement Notice from the Planning Portal, complete it and then post or email it to us. We'll confirm receipt of the form, update the records and send you a Demand Notice (ask for payment of the CIL).

The Commencement Notice tells us when you're going to start work and helps us work out when the CIL payments are due. Starting work or 'commencement' means any material operation that is carried out on the relevant land, including:

  • erecting a building
  • demolishing a building
  • digging a trench
  • laying underground pipes or mains
  • any operation to construct a road or any change in the use of land that is classed as material development

Changing your start date 

If you've sent us your Commencement Notice, but then need to change the date, you can send us another form. We'll use the new form to work out CIL payments, update the records and issue a new Demand Notice.

If you don't submit the notice

If you don't send us a completed and correct Commencement Form before you start work then we'll have to make up a date. This is called 'deeming' a date. We could also:

  • make you pay a surcharge (additional costs) as enforced by the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended)
  • remove any right to pay by instalments and the full CIL will be due
  • remove any relief

You can appeal against a deemed commencement date. You need to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within 28 days of the issue date on the Demand Notice.