Follow the CIL process

Stage 3: Apply for relief or an exemption

Apply for relief or an exemption

You may be able to get relief for your development or a portion of your development from CIL. We don't automatically apply relief from CIL. You will need to apply and give us evidence to support your application. To apply for relief you must:
  • be the person who will pay the CIL (assumption of liability)
  • apply using the correct form
  • apply and receive a decision from us before you start any work 

Look through the types of relief to see if one applies to your development then apply using the correct form.

Types of relief and how to apply 

There are three main types of relief: 
  • charitable relief
  • social housing relief
  • exceptional circumstances relief

You can read more about these types of relief and when they apply within GOV.UKs Planning Practice Guidance: Relief. If applying for exceptional circumstances relief you should also read our policy on exceptional circumstances relief to see if your development qualifies.

To apply for either type of relief, you need to complete the 'Claiming Exemption or Relief' form on the Planning Portal.

Types of exemption and how to apply 

There are four types of exemption: 
  • self build - whole house
  • self build - residential annex
  • self build - residential extension
  • minor development 

You can read more about these types of exemption and when they apply within GOV.UKs Planning Practice Guidance: Relief.  

To apply for a self build exemption you need to use the correct form:
Minor development exemption:
  • if your development has a gross internal area of less than 100 square metres, it's generally exempt from CIL
  • unless it will result in a whole new dwelling - then it will be liable for CIL unless another exemption or relief applies
  • if your development fits the minor development exemption, you don't need to formally apply or complete a claim form

What we do

When we receive your application for relief we'll look at the evidence and the situation. We'll also check to ensure any relief granted complies with European rules on state aid.

If we decide the development should get relief or an exemption we'll issue a new Liability Notice. We will record the details of the relief or exemption on the Land Charges Register.

If we decide the relief or exemption does not apply we will let you know. You can appeal our decision through the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).