Follow the CIL process

Stage 2: How much you need to pay (Liability Notice)

When you get a Liability Notice

We will issue you with a Liability Notice if you've:
  • been given planning permission or had it granted on appeal
  • received confirmation that CIL needs to be paid on the development
  • sent your 'Assumption of Liability' form to us 

The Liability Notice sets out the amount of CIL you must pay for that development. It includes all CIL liable floorspace contained in the development. The CIL charge will be registered on the Land Charges Register.

A new Liability Notice is issued if something changes, such as:
  • who is liable for paying the CIL
  • there's been an appeal
  • a surcharge (additional cost) has been added

Read more about CIL charges and how CIL is worked out

Questioning the CIL and appeals

If you think the CIL has been worked out wrong, you can ask us to work it out again. If you think it's still wrong you can appeal to to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).