Parks maintenance

Grass cutting and litter clearance in parks

Our grounds maintenance partners Idverde empty bins and clear litter from our parks and playgrounds each morning.  They will only remove dog waste if it is posing a health hazard such as in a playground.

Shrubs will be pruned at appropriate times of the year depending on their flowering cycle.

Grass in parks is cut in three ways.  Large open spaces are cut using a tractor mounted mower.  Smaller areas or the edges of some sites are cut with a ride on mower and strimming will take place around bins, benches and edges.  Some sites will require all three of these operations and whilst they will be scheduled as close as possible there is often a small gap in carrying these out.  It will typically take 12 working days to complete a cut of all the Borough's parks before we start again, although periods of wet weather will increase the time between cuts.  Some areas of grass are left long for nature conservation purposes such as at Tolworth court farm local nature reserve.

If you would like to comment or report an issue in a park please contact our green spaces team. We will only get back to you if we need more information about your report. Your report will be inspected next time our team are in your area.