Hold an event in a park

Apply to hold an event in a park


To apply to hold an event you will need to complete our online application, ensuring you attach the required supporting documents, at least eight weeks before the date of your event.

We welcome the opportunity for people to use and enjoy our parks and green spaces for a variety of activities and events.

Small (up to 30 people) informal gatherings, such as a family picnic, do not require permission.

You must attach the following supporting documents to your application:

  • a site management plan and programme
  • copies of your public liability insurance documents for £10,000,000
  • in the case of funfair and circuses - all necessary individual insurance documentation and health and safety certification for rides, food vendors, etc

Before applying you must make sure you have read and agree to the conditions for hiring a public green space and the public green spaces events policy.  If you would require further information contact support services