Flooding advice. Before, during and after

During a flood: using sandbags and other flood defences

Using sandbags and other flood defences

 Before using sandbags and other flood defence equipment:

Who we supply with sandbags

In an emergency, we'll give sandbags to vulnerable residents whose properties are in imminent danger of flooding (subject to available resources). We don't have a statutory duty to supply sandbags and flood defence equipment but we want to help those who are most at need.

Vulnerable residents are those with:

  • mobility difficulties, or
  • physical or mental health disabilities, or
  • medical conditions

We have identified these residents with help from our social care teams, housing officers, GP's and the mental health trust. 

If there is a flood, the property owner is responsible for the protection of private property. We are not responsible but have provided advice and guidance to help you protect your property.

Disposing of sandbags

We don't collect used sandbags even if we supplied them. Please don't put sandbags out with your rubbish, instead you need to:
  • wear gloves when handling used sandbags
  • open the bag and spread the sand over a patch of your garden, put the sack in the household rubbish bin
  • or take the sandbag to your local household waste and recycling centre
  • save dry and unused sandbags for the future

Never let children play with the sand, or use it in sandpits - it could be contaminated from sewage in the flood water.