Adult safeguarding – helping adults at risk

What will happen if you report your concerns?

Please note: these pages contain information aimed at members of the public. If you are a professional (i.e. nurse, social worker) looking for advice and guidance, you should visit our Working within adult safeguarding pages.


You will be listened to, and will be given help and support. What you have reported will be passed to a Social Worker or Police Officer who will be able to support you further.

What will happen next will depend on the views and wishes of the person the concern is about, the nature and seriousness of the abuse or neglect and any possible risk to others.

Where necessary, the Social Worker or Police Officer will involve other professionals to investigate and protect you from further abuse.


Information will be treated as confidential.

There may be occasions when some information needs to be shared when it is in the best interests of the 'adult at risk'.

What does the law say?

The Council, the Police and the NHS work in partnership to safeguard adults who need support.

By law the council must:

  • make enquiries or request others to do so if the person at risk has care and support needs, is at risk of harm and is unable to protect themselves.
  • arrange for an advocate to support any adult who needs extra help during a safeguarding enquiry or review
  • work with any other agencies involved in order to protect an adult with care and uspport needs who is experiencing or is at risk of abuse or neglect.
  • have a Safeguarding Adults Board with members from the Council, the Police and the NHS who will work together to help keep people safe.