Emergencies and scams

Emergency alert card for carers

Like a donor card, you can carry an alert card in your purse or wallet to let someone know that you’re responsible for a dependent person, who could be vulnerable if anything happened to you.

  • It’s reassurance that if you have an accident, the person you care for would be looked after
  • It can activate services or support quickly, reducing the risk of them getting worse

This free scheme is for family and friends that look after someone who lives in the borough.

To apply, complete our online form - once we have your details we’ll send the card out by post.

How does it work?

When the emergency services find the card they’ll contact the 24 hour call centre run by Kingston and Richmond Careline. They have details of the carer, the person they care for, what they’ll need and who to contact.

Nominated person/people

We ask for contact details of one or two people who would be willing to take your place in an emergency. You’re responsible for checking they’re happy to do this, and that they also understand a basic care plan which you can both draw up and keep.

If you can’t think of anyone that would want to do this, or if the people you’ve nominated aren’t available, the Call Centre will automatically contact the appropriate Social Care team, whether we know about them or not. They will then arrange the necessary services, also giving the contact number for the out of hours Duty Social Worker.