Carer's guide

Plan and organise the type of support and services you need

When we’ve told you roughly how much your support needs will cost, you can start to think about the type of care and support you’d like. We’ll ask you and the person you care for to make a plan which shows how you’re going to meet your various needs. You can do this yourself, we can help, or you can ask other support organisations like Kingstons Carers Network

Your support plan could include:

  • care and support services for the person you care for
  • carer breaks and services for you, the carer
  • plans for what will happen in an emergency if you are unable to provide care

We’ll agree the plan with you, and confirm the final amount of your budget, which will then be known as your personal budget.

Managing your personal budget

When the support plan and personal budget is agreed, there are different ways that you and/or the person you care for can manage the budget:

  • we can manage it for the person you care for, and arrange their care and support
  • the person you care for can manage all or some of it themselves. They’ll receive it as a direct payment
  • the person you care for can nominate you or someone else to receive and manage it as a direct payment on their behalf
  • some local organisations may be able to assist with the management of direct payments. Contact us for more information about this.

If you or the person you care for decide to have some or all of the personal budget as a direct payment, we’ll work with you to choose and set up your services. We’ll also advise you on what you can or can’t spend it on, and how often you’ll get paid.  We will also make sure you know what records you need to keep and put you in touch with people who can help you set up your own care or support.