Carer's guide

Work out how much funding and other support you need

The answers you both give in the assessment allow us to work out roughly how much support we think you and the person you care for need to keep independent, safe and well.

To make things as fair as possible, we use a system to decide how much it’s likely to cost. This uses the information you give us to work out the rough cost of the care and support for the person you care for.

We’ll also look at your role as their carer, and calculate a final amount, or ‘indicative budget’. We’ll then let you know how much this will be.

Questions to ask

  • How do you work out how much our support will cost?
  • Is there a maximum amount?
  • What if we don’t feel this is enough? (If you don't think your needs can't be met with the amount we calculate, tell us. We may be able to add more if we agree it is needed). 
  • How long will it be before we know what our indicative budget is? 
  • If either of us already gets support, will it stay the same?