Maintaining or adapting your home

Living in your own home and remaining safe, independent and comfortable can be made much easier by making changes to your surroundings that suit your needs.

When a person with a disability or health problems experiences difficulty in getting about safely and independently in their home, changes can be made which will help them to overcome the problem and make their home more suitable to their needs. You may have heard of people who have installed a stair lift, ramp or accessible shower in their home.

Older people and people with disabilities or health problems can be more vulnerable than others to extremes of hot and cold weather, and to damp conditions. To help them to stay healthy their home needs to be healthy too. Of course all of this costs money.

Assistance can also be required if you are struggling to keep on top of odd jobs and DIY around the home, for example changing a light bulb, redecorating your home, or tackling an overgrown garden.

This section provides information on how you might go about adapting your home to suit your needs, and ensuring it remains in a healthy, safe and good condition. You'll also find advice on how you might be able to get help to pay for these things.

Advice on equipment

Local pharmacies or GPs often have brochures to help you choose home equipment. You can also try:

Choose and buy equipment 

Local services you can visit for ideas and prices: 

Buy equipment: