Environmental Impact Assessment

We need to assess the effects of all new developments on:
  • the existing built environment and landscape
  • the suitability of sites for particular types of use

We may ask you to provide an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before your planning application is submitted. 

A detailed Environmental Impact Assessment is needed for particular types of use and larger scale development. Legislation sets out when an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed:

The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999

The Environmental Impact Assessment is a full assessment of all environmental considerations and provides additional information to help us assess particular issues. These could include:
  • how the development affects local wildlife
  • if a site is contaminated
  • noise levels 

When submitted, your assessment is open to members of the public who can comment on the report. This ensures that the predicted environmental effects of a development and the scope for reducing them are properly understood by everyone, including us, before we make a decision. 

How it works

We start with the screening process. We consider if an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed. Then, if it is needed, you progress to the scoping process. This is where we decide the issues that need to be covered by the environmental statement. You may need to seek the advice of specialist bodies like the Environment Agency, the Highways Agency or English Nature.

GOV.UK provides further guidance.